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McLaughlin Family Farms is a small boutique breeder. Our New Zealand Red Devon beeves are from organic stock and have been rotationally grazed on organically managed pastures.  

Our breeding stock over-winter (this IS Wisconsin after all) on organic hay grown in fields that have not had pesticides or chemical fertilizers on them since 2011. We manage our own hayfields because our promise to deliver true grass-fed-beef is too important to us to trust another farmer's hands!

Owner and operator, Jim, ensures humane treatment of each critter and will always provide the best possible care so we have happy cows! Happy Beeves come from Monico!
Three Ways to Buy Grass-fed Beef

20 pound Sample Box  $190.00
Each Sample Box includes:
13 pounds of ground beef
3 pounds of steak
4 pounds of roast

Quantity Discounts:
A quarter of Grass-fed Beef (70-90 pounds)    $7.85 per pound
A half of  Grass-fed Beef (140-180 pounds)    $7.85 per pound

QUARTER BEEF will include approximately the following:
​- 4 NY Strips
- 3 tenderloin filets 
- 2 sirloin steaks
- 4 round steaks or 3 roasts 
- 1 rump roast
- 1 sirloin tip roast or steak 
- 5 chuck roasts
- 4 Ribeye steaks or 1 standing rib roast
- short ribs or Burger meat 
- shank meat or Burger meat
- stew meat or Burger meat

HALF BEEF  provides twice  the beef of a quarter beef.  Cuts may vary.

Steaks are approximately 1.5 inches thick and Roasts are 2-3 pounds.  

There is a $400.00 down payment is required to reserve a quarter and $800.00 deposit for a half beef.

​All our beef is vacuumed packed, weighed and labeled!

HAMBURGER--- 1lb. bricks-10 lbs. or more at $7.15 per pound  

Easy pick-up or delivery arrangements available for all of the northwoods.
Owner/Operator: Donald & Mariah Schneider

Phone: 715.401.1870.    715.493.3157

Monico, WI
Ready for 2020 Delivery
100% Grass-Fed-Beef