McLaughlin Family Farms
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Customer Reviews:
"Such a difference. My husband and I will always opt for grass-fed meat when dining out here in Madison and if we did a blind taste test we would always be able to pick out Jim's meat. The texture is earthy, and it grills wonderfully (of course after you master the learning curve of grilling grass-fed beef). We can taste how authentic it is when other meats leave you guessing how much "grass" they are really fed. We are true fans."
                                                                      - Kaye (Madison, WI)
"The ground beef is especially good, such a dense taste. Not sure I like the pictures OF the actual cows right next to the raw meat, but I do like the eating of the same." 
                                                                   - Cathy (Algonquin, IL)
Owner/Operator: James McLaughlin

Phone: 715.369.0300

Monico, WI
"This is by far the best beef I have EVER had. The meat only needs a little salt and pepper prior to grilling and the taste is phenomenal! I love how the cows are all humanely raised and loved on! Keep it coming, McLaughlin Family Farms!"
                                                                - Danielle (Mankato, MN)
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"This Christmas I ordered three sampler boxes as gifts for friends and for my own family. The beef is outstanding! The steaks are tender, juicy, and full of delicious flavor! The ground beef is so lean there's no need to drain and this made for a delectable homemade bolognese. Only McLaughlin Family Farms beef is good enough for my family and friends!"
                                                        - Lisa (Hinsdale, IL)
"We were given a sampler box as a gift and we love the hamburger as there's not a lot of fat and it's tasty! The roast cooked up great with lots of flavor, which made great gravy! Love the meat so far!"
                       - Jane and Don (Tower, MN)
"The beef in incredible, rich and flavorful. Some of the best I have ever had. Jim also has a ton of fantastic ideas on how to prepare his product, ask him about any dish!"
                               - Brian and Margaret Mary (Cedar Grove, WI)
"This was some of the highest quality ground beef I have had. The beef was delicious, flavorful and lean. It's awesome to find a source that cares about their cattle. The customer service was awesome too!"
            - Sheila (Prior Lake, MN)